Großen Bart Brewery

This brewery is tucked away within an industrial warehouse area. It's a calm oasis here with a nice view of the mountains. The beer lineup is incredibly diverse: from super-hopped IPAs to rich stouts, smoky porters and true-to-style Belgian dubbels. And, as you can tell from the names of their beers, beards are valued here: Each beer is associated with a style of facial hair! (Großen Bart is German for "Big Beard.")
Chin Curtain IPA, Strip-Teaser Pale Ale, Stubble Kolsch and Anker Beard Amber.
Tap Hours
4pm-10pm Mon-Tues
2pm-10pm Wed
2pm-11pm Thurs
2pm-12am Fri
12pm-12am Sat
12pm-9pm Sun
1025 Delaware Ave., Unit A
Longmont, CO 80501