Industrial Revolution Brewing Co.

The town of Erie was the original hub of Colorado's coal industry. This brewery pays tribute to those hard-working coal miners and the unsung laborers of today who just need to unwind with a craft beer at the end of a sweaty day. This is a family business so it's fitting that the ambiance feels like home: The A-frame structure indeed looks like an old-fashioned home and the interior is warm and inviting. Each beer is brewed in a small batch which makes for an ever-evolving menu that is especially known for IPAs, Cream Ales, and German style beers. There's typically one barrel-aged offering available on any given day.
Blonde Stout (year-round).
Tap Hours
Closed Mon-Tues
4pm-9pm Wed-Thurs
4pm-10pm Fri
2pm-10pm Sat
2pm-6pm Sun
285 Cheesman Street
Erie, CO 80516