Upslope Brewing Company (Lee Hill)

Founded in 2008, this is Upslope's original location in North Boulder. Rocking a small, seven barrel brewhouse, this is where all the magic used to happen before the expansion with their Flatiron Park brewery. Now, almost five years later, this location mostly focuses on experimenting with small-batch creations to be served in their tap rooms. True to their roots, this is a very laid-back and dog-friendly place where you are welcome to bring in food when they're not hosting food trucks. There is also weekly live music here as well.
Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Craft Lager and the Imperial India Pale Ale.
Tap Hours
2pm-10pm Mon-Sun
Guided Tours
Tours available upon request.
1501 Lee Hill Road, N20
Boulder, CO 80304