Wibby Brewing

This brewery proves that malted German barley plus American hops equals happy beer drinkers. Wibby has created a niche for itself by choosing to specialize in lagers. Lagers are generally milder beers than ales. They also take longer to ferment, and Wibby has the storage space to allow for this. The tasting room here is rather large, too, with room for shuffle board, watching sports on TV, or sitting at the bar. The well-shaded outdoor patio lets you lounge around and step up to the occasional food truck.
Wibby IPL, Moondoor Dunkel, and Lightshine Helles.
Tap Hours
11:30am-9:30pm Mon-Thurs
11am-12am Fri-Sat
11am-9:30pm Sun
209 Emery St.
Longmont, CO 80501